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Race Check In (At the Race Start on Buffalo Dr Path):

Saturday September 14th: 4:00PM-7:00PM

Sunday September 15th: 7:30AM-8:30AM

Race Day Details:


-Start Time: 9:30AM

For your safety, participants are not allowed to wear headphones during the race.

For the 5KM event only, strollers and dogs on leashes will be allowed. If you are bringing a stroller or dog, you are required to start at the very back of the race for everyone's safety. 

5KM Turn-By Turn Directions:

  1. Head Straight into Clear Lake Campground
  2. Take your first left after passing the dumping station
  3. Go around the Loop until coming back onto Buffalo Drive
  4. Turn Left at Stop sign (Prior to exiting the Campground)
  5. Turn Left at Stop sign (Parks Sign says Campfire program)
  6. Continue straight through Campground (Into Otentik area)
  7. Turn Right on Lilly St after Otentik 708
  8. Cross over Tawapit Dr and continue on Lily St. Turn left on Wasagaming Dr
  9. Continue Straight on Wasagaming Drive towards townsite
  10. At Stop sign (Wasagaming Dr and Columbine St), continue on Wasagaming Dr through townsite
  11. Turn left onto Buffalo Drive (Tempo Gas Station) and continue to Finish Line!